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Frequently asked questions about Paintball Brno

Have you got anything you are not sure about?

Can we play anytime even in winter?

Of course. Both our fields are ready and open all year round, 7 days per week, any hour. We recommend to use the indoor field when dark, cold or rainy weather. But never forget to book your game in advance.

What is the optimal number of players? Will we play only ourselves?

The more, the better. Paintball is a team game and if there are no many players it is such a fun. That’s why we have set a min. numbers – it´s 8 for indoor and 10 for outdoor field. If you are less we can join you another group. If you are a big group you can have the field only for yourselves, just let us know when booking.

When do we have to come? Do you mind when someone is late?

You should be all on place in time you booked as there is only one common briefing before the game. If you don´t go through it you can not play.

How can we reach you?

If you booked the outdoor paintball field use the “blue“ Olympia bus from Vankovka gallery downtown. Then get off at the final station and take a bus No. 510. Get off the request bus stop “Orechov – Tabor“. We can also provide a passenger transport for large groups. Our indoor paintball field is on tram no. 4. Get off “namesti Republiky“ stop and then keep walking using the Gargulakova street. Our field is placed in front of the bridge on the left side.

What should I take with me?

We hire you everything you need for a game, from markers to boots. You can also use your own equipment if you have any. In this case we recommend you to bring good boots, old clothes and a towel.

How does it work and how much time does it take?

Our staff will look after you upon your arrival. You will get dressed, go through the general rules, get the equipment and divide into teams. Then the paintball game can begin. Playing outdoor field take about 4 hours, the indoor one takes half of the time.

How much does it cost? Dou you accept credit cards?

It depands on which field you choose. Check our complete pricelist. The outdoor game costs about 1 000 CZK per person, indoor one is approx. for a half. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards but instead of cash you can use our gift vouchers or special vouchers from Accor Services, Sodexo or Cheque Dejeuner. Business customers can pay via a bank transfer.

Do you offer any snacks or catering service?

Of course as a part of our outdoor facility is the Army Pub. Here you can eat and drink what your throat can bear. But all food has to be ordered in advance. The indoor field has only a drink bar.

What type of paintballs do you use? Can I wash them out of my clothes?

The paintball bullet is actually a thin-shell gelatin capsule filled with water-soluble and easily washable mixture of food color, souap and water. We use only premium paintballs with a bright fill and shell which makes it easier to aim and recognize the hit. Own bullets are not allowed.

Is a paintball hit painful? Is paintball safe?

It depends on the distance and where you are hit to. You will mostly feel the hit but it’s nothing dramatic. You’ll rarely take a bruise. The basic condition for a safe game is using a special goggles which you get and secured weapon out of the game.

Can children play paintball?

Yes but they must always be accompanied by a person over the age of 18. The minimum age of 12 years is highly recommended for playing.