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Paintball Club Brno

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  1. First of all you should choose a date you want to play and contact us to be sure this date is not booked for anyone else.

  2. Make a group of people who feels like playing paintball in the same day as you do. Choose the time and place you want to play.

  3. If you have a little group (less than 12) do not hesitate to contact us again. We can join you to another group.

  4. Call 00420 604 253 828 or fill in our booking form placed below to arrange your game (the best 14 days ahead of time).

  5. The day before your game it is necessary to confirm the exact number of players via phone or e-mail.

  6. After arriving to our field we provide you a special briefing when we advise you on safety rules, operating markers and we also teach you how to defeat the enemy.

  7. Then you get all equipment you need (overall, marker, paintballs, etc.). You are devided to 2 teams which are distinguished by color ribbons.

  8. Going to your bases (starting-points) you have a change to view the field and its nooks. Waiting for a signal to start the game.

  9. Many games take place during the day with each one lasts about 15 minutes. It is only up to you how many games you play. Moreover you can choose from different scenarios (capture the flag, conquering the base, kidnaping, etc.).

  10. There are some breaks between the games so you are allowed to refill your strength, paintballs and stomach if needed. You can debut your tactics as well.

  11. All players are under supervision of our skilled, english speaking referees who pay attention to game and safety rules. Our trained staff take care of you for the whole day.

  12. 13. Not only after the game you can use our Army bar which has all usual drinks and food at your disposal.

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